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Been Books is an independent publisher of art and photography books — high quality, limited edition short run books created with years of design experience, producing exceptional photography and art volumes. The first book, The Brienzergrat Hardergrat Ridge, is available below. Stay tuned for more titles coming soon!


The Brienzergrat to Hardergrat ridge is a chain of mountains of the Emmental Alps, overlooking Brienzersee in the Bernese Oberland. The forested land from the top of the ridge southwards to the lake has been identified as a 15,900 hectare Important Bird Area.

Augstmatthorn and its neighbouring peak Suggiture are both within a Federal Wildlife Protection Area as well as a protected moorland area. Other sections of the ridge (from Brienzer Rothorn towards Augstmatthorn) form the edge of the UNESCO Entlebuch Biosphere which protects over 39,000 hectares of untouched moorland landscapes, alpine pastures and alpine peaks.

The Brienzergrat to Hardergrat ridge is at risk from illegal camping and growing numbers of hikers ignoring rules that are in place to protect the area. Alpine Ibex (Steinbock) and Chamois (Gämsen) herds thrive here among many other wild species, but the behaviour of visitors is affecting their home and, in turn, affecting their behaviour. Signage explaining the rules in multiple languages is positioned at every access point, every trail leading to the ridge. However, in regular patrols of the area, local Rangers and Game Wardens often have to fine and remove dozens of people from the ridge as well as constantly caution and advise about the rules.

The book The Brienzergrat Hardergrat Ridge (21 x 21 cm, 140 pages, hardcover) celebrates this spectacular ridge and every sale benefits Friends Of The Ridge, a campaign to increase awareness of the rules that protect the area. Buy it today at Brienzergrat.com

A new trail guide Hiking the Brienzergrat-Hardergrat Ridge Trail (A5, 76 pages, softcover) walks you through every step of the trail with over 75 images and illustrations. Buy it today at Brienzergrat.com